Northern Game Summit gathers game developers to Kajaani, Finland

The Northern Game Summit is a conference for game professionals. It will be arranged in the middle of Finland’s woodland city of Kajaani on the 6th and 7th of October 2016. It is an annual event for networking between newcomers and professionals of the game development trade and associated industries.


The Northern Game Summit is celebrating its fifth year and will provide an easy-going and intimate environment for game creators to mingle, connect and exchange ideas. Developers, investors, publishers and many other game professionals are all there to enjoy beautiful Finnish nature and the hottest gossips from the game development business. It’s the must-attend event of the year!

The Northern Game Summit will be arranged in Kajaani, Finland. The city of Kajaani is located 550 kilometers north from Helsinki. The conference venue is a local cinema BioRex. This beautiful building is a celebration of Finnish architecture and has everything you need for a memorable two-day conference.

The event has four parts – DayZero, NGS Business Mixer, Bonus Stage Party, and the NGS 2016 itself. The NGS 2016 will be held on October 6th and 7th 2016. It has five different tracks: Design, VR, Art, Business and Tech. Each track has awesome speakers, and great atmosphere.

The Bonus Stage Party is an official after-party of the Northern Game Summit. It will have great people, a DJ, food, open bar and a small number of exhibitors. The party will be arranged in the evening of October 6th at Club 96.

The Business Mixer is a pre-party of the Northern Game Summit. Game developers and others can mix’n’match there before the conference on October 5th.

DayZero is the newest addition to the NGS, that is an exclusive event for sponsors and investors, and it is organised with the Swedish Nordic Game Community on October 5th. The event includes the Game Discovery Contest.

The Northern Game Summit has great speakers from all around the world: Jim Jiang from the US (Senior Technical Artist at Blizzard), Teddy Florea from Romania (Director of Business Development at Nordic Game), Nils Brolin from Sweden (Acquisition Associate at Paradox), and Sarah Schadow from Germany (Product Manager at Wooga).

This year’s panel discussion is about publishers and what they can do for the games industry. Especially game developers who are thinking about having a publisher should really hear these guys out!

The Northern Game Summit also has great partners that make this conference possible. The main sponsors this year are Fingersoft, Supercell and Kainuun Etu.

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