Holistic music expert

Visionist has been actively involved in the music industry throughout the entirety of its existence. A passion for music and a holistic understanding of entertainment has led to a wide range of opportunities.

Collaborations with the music industry started back when the first MP3 music players made their appearance in the early 2000’s. Partly due to Visionist’s communications and marketing expertise, Creative Labs’ Muvo and Zen MP3 players were clear market leaders in Finland for the whole era of MP3 players while other parts of the world saw Apple’s iPod take the number one spot.

When the era of MP3 players ended due to smartphones entering the market, Visionist continued their involvement in the music industry and especially with music technology.

Visionist has been in collaboration with various music industry companies, organisations and other players. Versatile and lengthy collaborations with several Finnish artists have been a rewarding experience for all parties involved.

Our very own game and music guru Jerry has reviewed thousands of music releases and conducted countless interviews, gig reports and reviews during the years. He has also produced content about music for YouTube with reviews, interviews and opinion pieces.

The very essence of Visionist is the communication and marketing of digital entertainment and also music technology. Visionist follows the music industry holistically and is especially interested in the digitalisation of the music industry.

Finnish Music Startups

Visionist launched the Finnish Music Startups collective in its current form back in 2012. A joint effort of Finnish startups specialising in music technology, its lofty goal is to promote the visibility of its member companies and also to develop the collaboration between them.

Game Music Collective

The Finnish game music orchestra, Game Music Collective, started its operations in 2017. Visionist has successfully handled the orchestra’s communications and also helped with their marketing and international efforts.

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