Marketing services


With long-standing and versatile expertise in digital technology and entertainment, Visionist understands the approaches required by different target groups and the various marketing means they each require in turn. Visionist relies heavily on cooperation and is able to find the most suitable partners with whom to easily operate. For results to be achieved, efficiency is also required. Knowing such partners and also being able to find new ones is one of the strengths of Visionist.

Visionist knows both the domestic and international digital markets well. This way, the customer’s marketing goals and localisation needs can be well matched to the industry, time and current situation. Marketing can take advantage of various product releases, events, media advertising, digital and social marketing, as well as competitions.

Visionist is also acquainted with distribution channels and can market to retailers or distributors.

Social media

All social media channels have one important feature in common: they demand regular updates.

Most companies would have enough information for social media channels, but they don’t focus on them regularly and systematically. This requires a lot of raw materials and scheduling, which only few people are able to sustain in the long term.

Visionist has a lot of experience with managing social media. We can take full responsibility of maintaining social media or implementing individual campaigns.

Competitions and surveys

Simple, entertaining and cost-effective competitions and surveys are a way to easily reach potential customers. Visionist has conducted hundreds of competitions and surveys, and processed the resulting responses into an understandable and usable format. Find more information about our services here.


Visionist can arrange different events or participate in event organising. Such events may include various fairs, game or music events, customer events, and training or other activation events. Visionist can also produce educational material, for example in Powerpoint format.

Translation services and copywriting

Products, services and their marketing materials don’t always fit directly into the Finnish or international market as they are.

Visionist can provide help in many different ways with translation and localisation needs. Visionist can complete versatile translation projects, which may include the localisation of guides, product texts and promotional materials. Visionist can produce a wide range of marketing materials in digital or physical form.

We also do copywriting i.e. we produce all kinds of texts for a wide range of marketing needs. We make difficult things understandable by writing clear everyday language.

Visionist also acts as a manufacturer’s local contact between third parties if needed.