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Visionist is a PR, marketing and consulting agency for customers of the digital age in need of in-depth knowledge and clear solutions in the field of digital technology and entertainment. Visionist works in partnership with all stakeholders, bringing unique value to products and services.

Founded in 2001, Visionist is all about collaboration and that principle has led the company to many fruitful ventures. Domestic and international manufacturers, game publishers, music companies, hardware & software developers, distributors, PR and translation companies, consultants and marketing people in different industries have become very familiar during the years. Visionist also has a lot of contacts with different special interest groups, government officials and other influencers.

Visionist offers both short-term work assignments as well as more carefully planned projects over longer periods of time. First and foremost, the goal is to create and maintain long-term partnerships. Visionist is a patient and flexible partner specialised in product and brand development.

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Jiri Koivuniemi

Visionist was founded in 2001 by Mr. Jiri Koivuniemi. He is well-known as a versatile and skilled market developer. He has been working with digital technology, consumer electronics, video games and music for over 30 years.

In his spare time, Jiri is a major music, movie and games fan. He also enjoys travelling and many other activities conducive to eye-opening experiences.

Jerry Kurunen

Mr. Jerry Kurunen has been working in the gaming industry since the late 1990’s and loved games since his childhood. Jerry has been working with games and entertainment devices for a long time, both in product support, sales, marketing and communications. As an active social media influencer, Jerry follows the phenomena and events of the industry also outside of his work.

Apart from gaming, Jerry spends his free time with music, television entertainment and active gym training.

Juuso Vermasheinä

Mr. Juuso Vermasheinä joined the gaming industry at the age of 17 in 1998. He has a wide range of experience in the industry including sales, purchases and marketing. He has worked as Marketing Director of Finland’s largest game retail chain. Juuso has also managed to work as CEO of his own music startup company. He also spent a few years as an online producer and community manager of a TV series. In recent years Juuso has focused on international communications and marketing of games.

Juuso’s leisure time is best spent enjoying nature by running or hiking. In recent years,’his overwhelming passion has been the collecting of hiking goods.

Pasi Virta

Mr. Pasi Virta delivers top-level merchandising and training results thanks to his work experience and bubbly personality. He has experience stretching over decades by working in various sales jobs and especially in improving reseller sales. Pasi has been working as a representative in countless different events and he has held thousands of product presentations and training sessions for distributors, resellers and end customers.

More info about Finland

Finland is a part of Nordics (or sometimes Scandinavia) that consists five different countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. The population of the whole area is approx. 26,6 million people. Each of the countries are different with their own languages, cultures and ways to do business.

Finland (Finnish name Suomi) is a republic which became a member of the European Union in 1995. Its population is 5.54 million. Finland is the sixth largest country in Europe in area, with a low population density of 18.1 persons per square kilometer. The capital Helsinki and its surrounding metropolitan area has 1,5 million residents. Finland’s GDP was 53,655 euros in 2021.

Many foreign vendors see Finland as a great business opportunity. Market is mature, but still very much growing and consumers are very enthusiastic of new things. In fact, many vendors see Finland as a ”living laboratory” because of country’s small size and high level of knowledge.

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