Unbeatable game industry experience

Visionist’s gaming industry knowledge and skills are on their own level, because its experience in the game business began in the late 1980s way before the creation of the company itself. Visionist has been involved in many things throughout the life of the company. Whether it be regarding global listed companies or small indie studios, Visionist has brought gaming industry communication to both domestic and international audiences.

Comprehensive game industry knowledge

Visionist moved on to the heavier weights with games in 2009 when it started working with the Finnish Games and Multimedia Association (FIGMA). In 2012, Visionist started working with one of the world’s largest game publishers, Ubisoft. The Nordic game distributor PAN Vision has also been Visionist’s loyal customer for a long time.

In addition to traditional press communications, Visionist has undertaken many other communications and marketing activities in the gaming industry. These include various events, expos and social media campaigns.

Visionist has also helped many smaller game studios with communications and marketing both in Finland and internationally. These include mobile game studios (eg. Critical Force), pc game publishers (eg. Lizard Hazard Games) and educational games (eg. Musopia). In addition, Visionist has worked closely with other players in the game industry. One of these is Neogames which is currently the umbrella organisation for the whole Finnish game industry.

Mobile games, esports and virtual reality

Visionist’s communication efforts for international game publishers has usually been focused on local media. In turn, the target audience of Visionist’s communication efforts for the Finnish game publishers has been international media and influencers. A good example is the mobile game Critical Ops released by Critical Force which already has tens of millions of players worldwide. Consequently Visionist has unique relationships with both domestic and international media.

Visionist is also heavily involved in esports. There has been cooperation with several game teams and events. In addition, many of Visionist’s customers (eg. Logitech, Jimm’s PC-Store and Ubisoft) are closely related to esports.

Virtual reality (VR) and other forms of augmented reality (AR, XR) have raised their heads in recent years. Visionist has been involved in these virtual worlds since the beginning and closely follows the development of the industry. Visionist has assisted the Finnish Virtual Reality Association (FIVR) in their communication.

Visionist follows the various aspects of the gaming market and its development out of both its own and professional interest. It is only possible to keep up with development by actively following the industry. Visionist is firmly attached to the industry via its employees’ own interests and many personal contacts acquired over the years.

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