Online campaigns

In the pressure of traditional media communication, influencer communication, and social media, many have completely forgotten the importance of their own communication channels and strategies. Creating their own websites, simple campaign pages, contests and surveys, and direct emails has been neglected by many businesses today.

Visionist can quickly and efficiently implement online campaigns that are specifically targeted solutions with customer activation as well as accurate data analysis and media communication. Each part of the campaign supports the other, resulting in a comprehensive online sales promotion campaign.


Product and campaign pages

When a new product or service enters the market, related texts and other support materials are often incomplete, in the wrong language, or non-existent. Even if the material exists, it may not be in a suitable format or there may not be a sensible, customer-appealing online location for the material. For example, a distributor’s own website is ill-suited to present a product to consumers. Instead, the product should have a clear own product page like this:

Visionist can do copywriting, help edit other materials, and produce product or campaign pages quickly. The purposes of campaign pages can range from distributing product information to gathering customer contacts and conducting competitions or surveys.

Competitions and surveys

Simple, entertaining and cost-effective competitions and surveys are a way to easily reach potential customers. Visionist has conducted hundreds of competitions and surveys, and processed the resulting responses into an understandable and usable format.