Finnish Music Startups (English)

FMS-logo540There are a large number of new startup companies in Finland. More than 30 of them are preparing the next big hit in the music industry. However, small companies are having hard time getting seen or heard by themselves. From the public relations point of view, it is very important to co-operate with other entrepreneurs because for both media and investors these companies are more interesting as a collective.

The activities for the Finnish Music Startups collective is operated by PR agency Visionist. Our goal is to present what these startup companies are doing and share their innovations in many different ways. News are sent out to the media regularly, and on social media channels there is even more news around the topic. We will also create surveys, participate in different music business events and act as the first point of contact for media and other contacts.

Since the activity is supported by partners, being part of Finnish Music Startups collective doesn’t cost anything to the members.

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Company introductions

Enjoy songs with stunning visualisations. Using the cutting-edge technology you’ll be sent to a trip in Full High Definition and 60 frames per seconds. The system is integrated with SoundCloud so you’re able to play your favourites, find new music and release your songs in completely new way. APEXvj will make your song look, feel and smell good. More info at

Artist Exchange
Artist Exchange is a digital platform that enables live music buyers and sellers to be more effective. We have the widest range of Finnish artists from the top artists to the best cover bands. The platform has been developed together with the music industry professionals and we co-operate with Teosto and Samu Haber. We have raised almost million euros of funding so far and we’re heading to the international markets. More info at

Audiodraft Open Studio is a global audio production platform for custom audio with over 20,000 sound designers and composers. Use Audiodraft’s Open Studio to get the sound right for your video, radio spot, app, or game. You name the sound and we create it custom made for you. More info at

AudioSauna transforms your web browser into a fast and flexible music production studio with built in synthesizers and live effects. AudioSauna has two powerful synthesizers (Virtual Analog Synth and Frequency Modulation Synth)  and the web’s most advanced sampler. More info at

Energize your piano and music lessons! With the BlockPiano app you can play alone or challenge two of your friends to form a band. Up to three people can play on one iPad! With many iPads a whole class can perform as a big band. BlockPiano teaches students note values, timing and ensemble playing and shows how to play the songs on real pianos with 6 hands. Features: BlockPiano mode, conductor mode, piano lessons mode, music stand mode, standard piano, feedback, printable sheet music and recording with sharing. More info at’s (BTA) business is to match event planners and live performers of many kind by providing a collaborative marketplace. The market where BTA operates contains millions of events across the globe from weddings to corporate parties, birthdays and gigs. Finding, booking and paying the right live performer has traditionally been full of hassle – is changing this. has the solution to provide great customer experience & benefits for both customers and artists of many kind. More info at

Cleac is a Finnish EduTech startup company. We develop easy-to-use and professional online tools for music education – suitable for both teachers and music schools. Our first product is Maikat, a high quality platform for live online music education. More info at

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Z Vector is the world’s first Kinect based professional music visualization and performance software for the Microsoft Kinect and similar devices. It can be used for film, music video and stage performance – live on stage and in VR. NI mate is the world’s most advanced markerless real-time motion capture and interactive advertisement suite. Supported devices include (but not limited to) the Microsoft Kinect, Intel RealSense, Leap Motion and the Oculus Rift. More info at

DJ Online
Dj Online is a smart music and media distribution service for public spaces. It builds the music style and visuals of your brand to match it with the other elements of your company image. The heart of the service is Dj Online music service based on the patented metafile engine. There’s also digital signage, karaoke and jukebox available in the same service package to enhance the customer experience. More info at

FanART Games
FanART Games is a young ambitious company from Jyväskylä that aims to offer fans a unique way of expressing themselves, their support and passion. FanART’s core concept is to focus on fandom in music, sports and movies. FanART games aims to go beyond the simple ideals of casual and serious games. Combining various artistic forms, gaming, music, and visual media, FanART aims to allow both artists and fans a new way of interaction. Their first product is MegaFAN! music fandom game which will be released on September 24th for Windows Phone. More information at

Frontlé is the world’s most inspirational social concert search engine. It’s simply clever. With its innovative search engine one can find most popular events in the city, stay tuned for coming concerts and is able to find hundreds of interesting gigs all around the world. More info at

Futucraft creates modern audio applications for artists and producers focusing on electronic music. Futucraft’s main products are Cotracks, collaborative music studio and Kairatune virtual instrument. More info at

Hitlantis is a music community where everyone can come to discover new Music easier than ever before. Hitlantis connects Artists with Music Fans and those looking for best new music in internet. Artists and Users both create profile pages, and land automatically onto the Map and begin enjoying new music and interacting with each other. More info at

Huimio is company focused on creating and designing musical applications. The main goal is to advance music as a hobby as well as help people to get better with their musical skills. Huimio’s first product is a application called Tunemio. With Tunemio one can record music and analyze the performance as well as edit the recorded tracks. More info at

Inverse Music Group
Inverse Records is a production company, which provides publication, distribution and marketing services to artists and record companies. As a company, the activities of Inverse Records are primarily focused towards heavier music. The same company also possesses the Secret Entertainment sub-mark, which is home to pop / rock releases. More info at

Finnish startup Jamifind wants to bring musicians together and encourage them to practice music more actively. Jamifind offers an innovative platform for all level musicians whether you’re looking for a new member to your band, random jamming company or the perfect music teacher. More info at

Kalabalik Studio
Kalabalik Studio is a Helsinki based indie mobile game company that creates digital playgrounds for young kids. The mission is to inspire young minds and stimulate creativity through games. Kalabalik Studio’s core product is Foxströms – an iPad game where the the kids get introduced to different musical instruments and music genres. The goal of the game is to make the kids excited about the fascinating world of music. More info at

LiveMusicStage is a live music venue online. LiveMusicStage streams high quality live concerts for people to enjoy them in the comfort of their own homes, or with a friend . Or on the go. To provide people with the coolest and the most exclusive live experiences, LiveMusicStage often offers the possibility to connect with the artists before and during their shows. More info at

Messis is a platform for presenting and finding all event information. It combines event information from Facebook and other public databases and offers an easy way to find events that match your events. Messis also offers its user interface and content to be used to enrich other websites. For example bands and bars can liven up their home page with a visual map or list of their own upcoming events. Messis offers its event information also for others, such as travel-related media and startups, through a powerful API. More info at

Mubik Entertainment
Mubik Musical Puzzle is a new innovative game that helps you dive into the world of music by first solving the hidden song and then amusing yourself by playing the song in a simple manner with a special Mubik instrument within the game. Mubik helps everyone to step up from a listener to an artist with a patented, easy to use method. More info at is a new community-maintained Finnish music media for music lovers and fanatics. It is a splendid tool for promoters, musicians, indie bands and event organizers to promote their album publishings and gigs. aims to enable and ease the promotion of unknown artists and bands. Using the service is free and doesn’t require signing on. More info at

The largest music database in the world, MusicInfo, operates as a distribution channel to music industry. The company acquires, organizes and processes electronically published music related data and intelligence from its partners and delivers this in a processed form, content, to institutional clients and consumers globally. The current database has data involving 50 million tunes, 5 million artist, 500k record labels and 10 billion data access points. More info at

MusicLogg is building a free online music diary and community for musicians. MusicLogg is currently sending out beta-test invites. More info at

Musicu is a Finnish start-up company from Oulu focusing on making music-listening a social event and using music to connect people with each other. Musicu’s first app is Music Field, a music player application for smartphones. With Music Field, users can stream music from their smartphones as playlists into other smartphones at the same location. Music Field will be launched for Windows Phone on Fall 2014 and for iOS and Android by the end of year. More information at

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Musopia Ltd. is a mobile app development company dedicated to creating fresh and innovative music software that makes playing music easier. Their iOS apps are FourChords Guitar Karaoke, ChordShaker Pocket Guitar and Ukeoke Ukulele Karaoke. Next app is under development and to be released early 2015. More info at

Music Kickup
Music Kickup is a full service house for artists and labels to distribute, analyze, look for promotion opportunities and get market leading analytics and royalties for sales and streaming. Music Kickup is directly partnered with the major digital music stores like iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, WiMP, Xbox Music, Mix Radio and Shazam, with more coming soon. More info at

One DJ / Audio Artery
One DJ is the first all-in-one solution for DJing and creating music. One DJ is the first DJ software that makes it possible for users to prepare mixes and create music. The built-in Timeline opens up endless possibilities for both professional DJs as well as newcomers to get creative with sound. One DJ is also the only DJ software to have a modular & customizable UI. More info and

OneHour Guitar Chord Method
Back in the 1980’s guitar enthusiast Reijo Hiltunen created a method which helps one to play and understand chords. A book titled as The Only Complete got a lot of international attention teaching this method. Based on the book, the application known as OneHour Guitar Chord Method helps the user to learn even the most difficult of chords. It takes less than an hour to go through all the training. More info at

Orelo Oy offers various individual hearing protection gear with carefully selected partners. Orelo’s selection has models for industry, motorists, musicians and hunters. For music listening, Orelo has various models on individual level. More info at

Instrument practices are usually lonely moments without the many important aspects of music. Orxter provides you with interactive sheet music and an orchestra background for your music studies. Orxter broadens your daily practice with the dynamics, flow and company of a large orchestra. More info at

perTunes Oy
perTunes is a Finnish based company founded by two brothers. Their mission is to to conquer the obstacles of music theory and make playing and jamming easy for everyone. Their first product is a mobile application that is based on the multi-rewarded Musiclock-invention. With the app anyone can jam and practice great sounding solos without prior music theory knowledge. More info at

Playmysong is the ultimate social jukebox for parties and nights out. Our free mobile app puts a powerful remote control for music in your pocket, allowing you to request songs at Playmysong powered bars, coffee shops, events and parties. You can also host your own social jukebox with our Deezer and iOS apps. More info at

Pore Oy is a privately held company offering custom music production and sound design. Pore provides soundscapes for future spaces, workplaces and homes. Today, sound is relatively rarely used as an element in interior design, but this is gradually changing. Pore presents music and soundscape as a contribution to interior design. Pore designs the sound to add a finishing touch to your space. The aim is to advance the cause of ambient well-being. More info at

Screenjuliste is a product for concert information and advertising on computer and television screens. With Screenjuliste one can, for example, inform the customers about coming events in the shape of a poster. The venue staff can update the information by themselves and even preset when the information can be seen. Screenjuliste can also import the information from the venue’s website. Among the first customers are places like Bar Loose, Henry’s Pub and Café Mascot in Helsinki, Finland.

Securycast Oy is a pioneer in digital music. Securycast offers their customers and partners digital distribution channel for indie bands and artists, consulting, online and mobile shops, mobile services and much more. More info at

Singa is a karaoke singing game for mobile platforms and internet browsers. With Singa just anybody can use computers, smartphones and tablet devices for playing and singing. The song collection includes over 1.300 songs and the collection is growing constantly each week. In addition to singing and playing, one can also record his or her own performance and share it on Singa community, Facebook or Twitter. More info at

SingOn was founded in 2009 and it aims to reinvent karaoke. SingOn is developing the 3rd generation karaoke service. SingOn will introduce a Spotify-like streaming service offering thousands of high quality songs for karaoke use. More info at

SongHi Entertainment is a quickly growing music company focusing on music and applications for internet browsers and mobile platforms. SongHi aims to create new gaming experiences for shared creativity and fun. More info at

Soundical develops innovative music games and applications for mobile devices. The company wants to offer experiences of producing music with applications. Some of the first products have been Panda Band, a music game for kids, and Beatphonic, which enables anybody to produce electronic music by using physical gestures. More information at

Taiste is a Finnish company based in Helsinki and Turku. Taiste creates iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone applications as well as responsive HTML5 services. We design a mobile strategy to precisely meet one’s business needs. Taiste’s solutions use demanding technology when necessary, making use of varied data sources as well as location, mapping and Facebook integrations. Taiste also provide the necessary visual design and server backends. Taiste has published Retronic app that has been described as ”Instagram of Music”. More info at

Until AM
Since all of the world’s music is already available online, why should we need to download files just for deejaying? Until AM is the first full-fledged DJ tool tailored especially for the era of online digital music, allowing for a seamless blend of cloud-based music storage and local audio files. More info at

Wavesum is a team of scientists, hackers and designers developing new tech and apps powered by modern signal processing. Wavesum’s track record is most impressive in the field of musical audio analysis, though that is just the tip of this iceberg. Wavesum’s products include Waveclock and Wavetick applications which transform music into MIDI format. More info at

Yousician is a music gaming company with a relentless drive. We make the world a more musical place by changing the way people learn to play musical instruments. Games by Yousician make the learning process itself fun and entertaining. Our apps right now are Wildchords, Guitarbots and Guitartuna. More info at

BergGram is an innovative music technology startup and the creator of Zoundio, a disruptive technology that makes it possible for everybody to easily create and play music! More info at