Communication services

Communication strategy

Effective communication lies at the heart of all human interaction. At Visionist, we prioritize understanding our clients’ goals and objectives, which enables us to craft compelling stories that drive positive business outcomes. Our approach isn’t limited to brand building. We focus on continuously evolving our clients’ businesses through communication.

Unlike typical PR agency, Visionist is a true partner that’s deeply invested in our clients’ success. We offer more than just translations; we provide expert opinions and refine information to ensure that our clients’ message is conveyed clearly and effectively. As a visible expert in the digital age, we’re well-equipped to construct engaging stories about our clients and their products/services. Then stories can be distributed through various channels, including social media and the press, based on their specific needs.

Press and Influencer Relations

Visionist’s area of expertise lies primarily in press and influencer communication. As experienced professionals, we are well-known among press representatives and influencers, who recognize our diligent efforts in all endeavors.

It’s worth noting that professional press communication remains a critical component of any successful marketing strategy, encompassing online, print, and audiovisual mediums. Indeed, the stories covered in the press can make or break a company, product, or service.

The press receives a deluge of story material, rendering unassuming messengers lacking in broad perspectives easily dismissed. However, Visionist possesses a deep understanding of what piques the press’s interest and why. With 30 years of experience in both Finnish and international media, Visionist is well-acquainted with numerous influential figures.

It’s worth noting that excellent products or services alone do not guarantee success. An engaging and intriguing story is pivotal in all forms of communication. This importance is even more pronounced in international communications, where the audience may not have prior knowledge of the product, company, or even the country of origin.

Visionist’s communication efforts span an array of mediums, including technology and women’s magazines, newspapers, business media, online services, TV and radio channels, and social media influencers. Additionally, Visionist tailors outreach efforts based on diverse target groups, considering regional or interest-based preferences.

Furthermore, Visionist assumes responsibility for all sample and promo logistics, whether physical or digital. By ensuring seamless sample deliveries, Visionist cultivates enduring relationships with journalists. The majority of sample products are personally supplied by Visionist to the press, underscoring the company’s commitment to attentive and personalized service.

Social media

Social media channels share a fundamental requirement: they mandate frequent updates.

While most companies possess sufficient information to populate their social media channels, they often fail to prioritize regular and methodical updates, which necessitate significant raw materials and scheduling that few individuals can sustain over time.

Fortunately, Visionist possesses extensive experience in social media management, enabling the company to assume full responsibility for maintaining social media accounts or executing targeted campaigns. Whether businesses require ongoing social media management or targeted campaigns, Visionist possesses the expertise to deliver enduring and successful social media strategies.