Communication services

Communication strategy

Successful communication is at the heart of human interaction. Visionist always start work from the perspective of understanding the customer’s goals, and then constructing interesting stories from there on. Customer milestones may vary, but the end result is always the positive development of the customer’s business. Visionist doesn’t believe in just brand building, the end result of communication must be evolving business.

Visionist is not a communications agency offering mere translation services, but a partner who is genuinely interested in their customers and is aware of the underlying factors. Visionist also express opinions and refine information, not merely acting as a translation service or post office for customers. Visionist is a visible expert of the digital age.

Visionist is able to construct interesting stories about customers or their products and services. These stories can then be distributed to the press and other information channels, such as social media, according to the customer’s needs.

Press and Influencer Relations

The most important area of Visionist’s expertise is press and influencer communication. Press representatives and influencers are familiar with Visionist as long-term experts who put serious effort into all of their undertakings.

The professional press continues to play a major role in the comprehensive marketing mix, whether it be regarding online, print or audiovisual communications. Many companies, products and services rise or fall via stories or the absence thereof in the press.

The press has a surplus of story material. Therefore, modest messengers ignorant of the big picture are easily ignored. Visionist understands what interests the press and why. Visionist are very familiar with both the Finnish and international media, with 30 years’ worth of experience, and are personally acquainted with several key figures.

Excellent products or services alone are not enough, but an interesting story plays an important role in all communications. In international communications, the importance of the story is further emphasized as the audience may not necessarily be familiar with the product, company or even Finland.

Visionist’s communication efforts reach technology and women’s magazines, newspapers, business media, online services, TV and radio channels as well as social media influencers. Target groups can also be varied according to region or interest.

Visionist is more than happy to handle all sample and promo logistics, whether it is regarding physical products or downloadable digital products. It is an important part of creating relationships with journalists. Visionist supplies a large part of sample products to the press in person.

Social media

All social media channels have one important feature in common: they demand regular updates.

Most companies would have enough information for social media channels, but they don’t focus on them regularly and systematically. This requires a lot of raw materials and scheduling, which only few people are able to sustain in the long term.

Visionist has a lot of experience with managing social media. We can take full responsibility of maintaining social media or implementing individual campaigns.