Apex Kings NFT Racing game and Web3 ecosystem WAX are connecting blockchain gaming and car industry together

Supremacy Games, the developer of the highly-anticipated NFT racing game Apex Kings, is excited to officially announce its partnership with WAX, a blockchain-based platform designed to make it easy for anyone to create, buy, sell, and trade virtual items.

While the partnership has been in place for several months, Supremacy Games is excited to now share this news with the community. WAX, as a long-time investor and supporter of Supremacy Games, has played a crucial role in the development and success of Apex Kings. Through this partnership, Apex Kings players will be able to use WAX tokens to access the game, trade in-game items, and create their own marketplace within the game. This enables buying and selling in-game items with other players with the security and transparency that the blockchain provides.

WAX has conducted a thorough evaluation of various games, and has recognized the exceptional potential and unique value proposition of Apex Kings. Alongside dozens of other games, Apex Kings is the one that has passed through WAX’s rigorous pipeline. It has been selected as a game that WAX fully endorses and believes in, having thoroughly vetted it to ensure a high-quality gaming experience for players.

“We have received many submissions for co-publishing consideration, but only one met our high standards. I am thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Supremacy Games,” said Michael Rubinelli, Chief Gaming Officer at WAX. He added, “Supremacy Games is an excellent developer with a vision that aligns perfectly with our own for player ownership of digital assets. The game is not only visually impressive but also plays exceptionally well. I am confident our players will love it.”

“We are thrilled to officially announce our partnership with WAX, a company that has been a strong supporter of ours from the very beginning. Their blockchain technology and expertise have been instrumental in the development and success of Apex Kings,” said Supremacy Games CEO, Jari Pauna.

The partnership can bring blockchain gaming and the automotive industry together for all gamers. Apex Kings NFT Racing is a new web3 racing game that allows players to collect and trade unique cars using digital collectibles based on real car brands and models. This feature adds an extra layer of strategy and depth to the game and provides players with several benefits. One of the main benefits of collecting NFT cars in Apex Kings NFT Racing is the added value that they provide. Just like in the real world, certain cars are more rare and valuable than others, and these cars can be more difficult to obtain or have better performance on the track.

A unique feature is the game’s natural scarcity feature, where the number of digital collectibles dropped corresponds to the actual production number of the cars. By collecting and trading NFT cars, players can build a valuable and powerful collection that can help them win races and earn rewards.

First Apex Kings NFT Racing cars will be available in blind packs of 3 cars by the end of March 2023. The game will be available for a limited audience to play soon afterwards.

More info
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3qsn1tmgjrfoy9w/AABw3GDtxApL9K4_MVRdF8VBa?dl=0 (images)

Supremacy Games
Supremacy Games is a leading publisher of functional digital collectibles, with a focus on games, mobile games, and unique limited-edition collectibles. Founded to be at the forefront of the digital collectibles space, Supremacy Games combines expertise in mobile games, crypto and IP to create world-changing games. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, the company has team members in Finland, Sweden, and Croatia. Supremacy Games is an equal opportunity employer and supports fully distributed teams.

The Worldwide Asset eXchange™ (WAX), aka the King of NFTs, is the world’s #1 blockchain, as measured by number of users and transactions, according to Dappradar.com. WAX’s mission is to bring NFTs to the mass market in the safest, most secure, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-use marketplace in the world. WAX is also the leading entertainment NFT network — in 2018, WAX introduced vIRLs®, giving consumer product companies the ability to directly link NFTs to physical consumer products. Co-founded in 2017 by William E. Quigley and Jonathan Yantis, WAX has facilitated the trade of more than 100 million digital collectables including Mattel, Hasbro, Major League Baseball (via Topps MLB collectables), Funko Digital POP!, Capcom’s “Street Fighter,” World Series of Poker and world-renowned entertainers Deadmau5 and Weezer. WAX is also the leading play-to-earn games and entertainment NFT network in the metaverse and is home to many of the leading blockchain games including Alien Worlds, and Splinterlands. For more information, please visit https://wax.io and follow along on Twitter and Discord.


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