KLR Communications ja Visionist alkavat tekemään yhteistyötä. Alkuperäinen KLR:n julkaisema lehdistötiedote löytyy alta. Uutinen on julkaistu mm. Yhdysvaltain AOL Money Newsissä, Los Angeles Timesissa, Alphatrade Financessa ja PRNews Onlinessa.

KLR Communications Expands Further Overseas With Visionist PR

By Partnering with Visionist, a Leading Finnish PR Firm, KLR Now Offers Its Clients Public Relations Services in Finland

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Nov. 25 — KLR Communications, Inc., a full service, results driven high-tech public relations agency, today announced its partnership with Visionist, a prominent consulting, public relations and marketing firm based in Finland. Similar to KLR Communications, Visionist shares a knack for building personal long-standing relationships not only with its clients, but also with key members of the media. The new partnership allows KLR Communications to further extend its reach in Europe, aiding its clients in any endeavors they wish to pursue.

KLR Communications is dedicated to delivering efficient yet effective media relations strategies and takes a personalized, hands-on approach to working with its clients while delivering significant results efficiently and cost-effectively. KLR’s clients have appeared in some of the nation’s most highly respected outlets such as CNN, Good Morning America, USA Today and The New York Times. Its extensive relationships with members of the media, analyst and blogger communities and its reputation for providing in-depth expertise, consistent service, flawless execution and measurable results have put KLR Communications at the forefront of high-tech public relations.

”Offering a full suite of services is vital, but we are seeing more clients in need these same offerings on a global level,” said Kelly Reeves, president and CEO of KLR Communications, Inc. ”We are thrilled to team with Visionist to help us provide optimal services to our clients venturing abroad.”

Specializing in consumer electronics and digital entertainment, Visionist, founded by Jiri Koivuniemi in 2001, offers 15 years of Finnish media experience and technology expertise. Visionist fully grasps the complexity of partnerships between clients and media, understanding that quality results stem from tactical media relations agenda as well as continued personalized attention.

”It is refreshing to come across another results-driven firm that recognizes the importance of a hands-on approach to public relations,” said Jiri Koivuniemi, founder of Visionist. ”We are looking forward to combining our resources with KLR to broaden our reach and continue to provide unmatched coverage for our clients.”

For more information on KLR Communications, please visit www.klrcommunications.com. For more information on Visionist, please visit http://blogi.visionist.fi/visionist-english/.

About KLR Communications

Based in Newport Beach, California, KLR Communications is a results-oriented, full service public relations company that provides business-to-business and consumer technology companies with a fresh approach to business communications. With more than a decade of marketing and media relations experience that ranges from fashion to entertainment to technology, KLR Communications takes a bottom-line attitude for driving its clients’ goals and objectives and is committed to bringing knowledge, expertise and media connections to its premier clientele. For more information on KLR Communications, visit www.klrcommunications.com or call 949-509-1888.

About Visionist

Visionist is a consulting, PR and marketing company serving IT, consumer electronics and digital entertainment vendors and distributors. The company was founded in 2001 and is based in Helsinki, Finland. Visionist is always building long-term relationships with its clients, journalists and other partners. Visionist is sincerely interested in technology and understands its clients’ products and overall needs. Visionist’s most important clients at the moment are Creative Labs, Buffalo Technology, Imation, McAfee, Targus and BenQ. For more information on Visionist, visit www.visionist.fi.