Finnish videogame developer Catland releases virtual reality version of beloved spy comedy game “The Spy Who Shrunk Me VR” and announces new sequel to fan-favorite Taphouse series “Taphouse 2: The Taphousening” for PC & VR.

Catland, indie team of six from Tampere, Finland today announced the immediate availability of The Spy Who Shrunk Me VR, the virtual reality edition of The Spy Who Shrunk Me. The Spy Who Shrunk Me VR is available on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets through SteamVR. The VR edition is free of charge to all current owners of The Spy Who Shrunk Me. The VR edition is now available for download on Steam.

Step into the high heels of Audrey Smoothspy, legendary superspy armed with a shrink ray and banana peels to save the world from the Soviet menace! It is 1981 and a sinister plot hidden inside a Moscow software house is about to turn the Cold War red hot. Stop General Bolscotchkovich by kidnapping a scientist to a purse, driving a miniature car, defusing a nuke and dropping guards down toilets and paper shredders!

“The goal of Catland is to make hilarious videogames that embrace insanity. If we can make you think ‘what the hell are we playing right now’, we have succeeded at that. We are delighted to finally ship The Spy Who Shrunk Me to VR – the game feels entirely different in VR due to the amazing feeling of scale through the use of the shrink ray,” said Tomi Toikka, Founder, CEO & Creative Director of Catland.

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Taphouse 2: The Taphousening
Coming later 2019, Taphouse 2: The Taphousening is a sequel to the fan favorite Taphouse VR. Taphouse 2: The Taphousening adds all-new patrons to complement the dwarves of the Taphouseverse, including pint-sized goblins and snobby elves. The game features 5 new taverns ranging from high-rise elfwood sequoia pubs to dank underground drinking joints. Additionally, all beloved Taphouse VR taverns have been remade to the new game. The game will be available on both PC and virtual reality platforms. The game is set for a 2019 release with a $5.99 or regional equivalent price tag.

“Taphouse 2: The Taphousening has been requested the most from our fans and we are delighted to tell you it is indeed in production. New taverns, new customers, more crazy drinks and even crazier drunks are all in. This time you can also enjoy the game on the PC without a VR headset,” Tomi Toikka, Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Catland commented the announcement.

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About Catland
Catland Ltd was founded in 2017. Catland makes games that embrace insanity – wacky experiences that make players think “what the hell are we playing right now”. Catland games are for the PC, consoles and virtual reality platforms. The Catland offices are currently in Tampere, Finland and Catland has six employees. Catland released its first title Taphouse VR on October 2017. The VR exclusive bartending simulator made in just four months with three team members got international acclaim. Catland released The Spy Who Shrunk Me on December 2018 after just 10 months of development. The fan favorite spy adventure has been extended with the new VR edition and numerous content updates. Taphouse 2: The Taphousening comes out Summer 2019 for PC and VR.