The new video series DEVS focuses on the daily life of Finnish game developers. The core members of the production team are Vesa Raudasoja, a board member of the International Game Developer’s Association (IGDA) and Santeri Eloranta, the executive producer of the series.


The host of the DEVS video series tours Finland visiting game development studios and meeting other people heavily involved in game development. The entertaining but factual video series shows the audience how game development really happens, how the industry has changed in the past few years, what are the challenges game developers have in their daily lives and what is it like to be a game developer in modern day Finland.

“The goal of the series is to highlight real information about game development instead of a superficial glimpse. I have followed the daily life of the games industry for 10 years and countless stories have been left untold. I want to emphasize why Finland is such an excellent country for game development, but on the other hand I want to show how many companies are struggling for survival”, commented DEVS concept creator Vesa Raudasoja.

DEVS is a road trip into the heart of the Finnish game development scene. The host, Christoffer Weiss, has also been involved in the games industry in the past. He will visit locations all around Finland, meeting and interviewing game developers in their normal, daily work environments.

The pilot episode already emphasizes the diversity of game developers in Finland. We visit a couple from Kotka, Jyri and Piia Kilpeläinen. They introduce their family business at their home-based game studio Kiemura. They also visit Sirius Sport’s wind tunnel. The pilot episode has been sponsored by Fingersoft and Playa Game Industry Hub.

Upcoming episodes will address other interesting stories and drill down to the core of the game development scene. For example, DEVS will visit Fingersoft in Kempele. The DEVS video series will be released in 20-minute episodes where two episodes will comprise of one studio visit. The pilot makes an exception by being a full 40-minute long episode. The series is produced for international distribution.

The video series is being released one episode at a time on Youtube. In addition, the video series has a Facebook page with additional content, video clips and other material. The Facebook page also serves as a feedback channel and it can be used to contact the team behind the series.

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