Serious Gaming Cluster Finland ( partners with Borderless Healthcare Group to tap the development and distribution of healthcare games in China and the rest of Asia.


The prevalence of boredom, life monotony and lack of innovative content in the multi-trillion dollar silver community urgently requires a new set of interactive tools which can promote mental and physical activities. Over 200 million elderly people in China will soon be able to enjoy a series of healthcare games which can enhance their overall wellness experience.

Borderless Healthcare Group has developed a “serious games” section in its newly built innovation center at the heart of Shanghai to train caregivers on how to host and play games with the elderly.

Borderless Healthcare Group, Inc. (BHG) is a group of companies focused on developing consumer-centric Healthcare solutions. BHG’s expertise in the activation of disruptive healthcare market processes has won several media features and partnerships with governments, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies around the world. The interactive healthcare process pioneered by BHG has not only provided a solution to how governments can resolve the problem of poor public adoption of EMR, it has also evolved the flawed notion of “universal healthcare” to the more relevant concept of borderless, on-demand, ubiquitous healthcare.

”The new elderly audience may actually have a high appetite for games especially when games access is facilitated by high-tech caregivers within the Borderless Healthcare Group Eco-system,” says Mr Matti Kuha, Chairman of Serious Gaming Cluster Finland (SGC).

The Borderless Healthcare Group has inked a letter of intent with SGC to develop, accelerate and distribute games in China and the rest of Asia. Distribution channels will include nursing homes, high-tech caregiver network, home care network, community districts, smart homes network, etc.

From June 2015, the recently built Borderless Innovation Centre in Shanghai will start organizing hackathons, demo days, incubation and acceleration programs for members of Serious Gaming Cluster Finland. In addition, members of the association will also have priority invitation to join the Borderless Tech Show and the Borderless Crowdfunding Show which can catapult the outreach of the participating games developers into the vast marketplace in China and the rest of Asia.

“This the first international partnership of this scale for SGC. The so-called Silk Road for Finnish gaming companies is opening up. We at SGC believe that the future of gaming is purpose driven and what we have seen up until now has been just practice. With partners like BHG the new generation of games and game based services will help millions of people around the world”, continues Mr Matti Kuha, Chairman of Serious Gaming Cluster Finland (SGC).

Serious games are games that aim to promote or educate something worthwhile in the form of entertainment. In most cases, serious games are divided in to several sub-genres, such as learning, well-being, exercise and simulations. Serious games can help players e.g. to count and read, to exercise outdoors more actively or to solve complex business problems.

Serious Gaming Cluster Finland (SGC) is a network of 30 companies developing games with a primary purpose other than pure entertainment. Serious gaming is revolutionizing the way we look at education, design services or tackle health issues.

Overlapping diverse demographics, industries and markets SGC is equipping itself to understand and solve some of the biggest problems of our time. Through developing Finnish game design into meaningful products and services we are creating a platform for sustainable new growth, in other words, saving the world – easily.

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