Serious Gaming Cluster Finland ( is the new association of Finnish companies developing serious games. Thirty of these game developers can be met at their event in Helsinki on November 17th.


Serious games are games that aim to promote or educate something worthwhile in the form of entertainment. In most cases, serious games are divided in to several sub-genres, such as learning, well-being, exercise and simulations. Serious games can help players e.g. to count and read, to exercise outdoors more actively or to solve complex business problems.

”Serious Gaming Cluster Finland is originally an idea of Samuli Syvähuoko, the Grand Old Man of the Finnish game industry. He noticed that many Finnish game developers are making serious games isolated and cutoff from other developers – and sometimes without a serious games developer’s identity”, says Matti Kuha, Chairman of Serious Gaming Cluster Finland. “Gamification and serious games are growing rapidly. They are predicted to become a huge success in the coming years. Finnish serious games developers can learn and work together to expand the successful Finnish gaming market towards a whole new direction.”

Serious Gaming Cluster Finland’s main objective is to be a learning and knowledge-sharing consortium for serious games developers. It also aims to inform decision makers, investors and consumers about the advantages of serious games. The association also wants to develop cooperation with all interested parties.

The Game Cave
Serious Gaming Cluster Finland will be present for the first time in public in their own game event, The Game Cave, on November 17th between 17:00 and 19:00. Around thirty developers of serious games will be at the event presenting their products at their own demo stands. The event is organized in cooperation with the University of Helsinki’s Playful Learning Center in their premises at Siltavuorenpenger 5 A, Helsinki, Finland. Attendees should pre-register online by November 14th at

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