Riimu Games from Oulu, Finland, introduces a completely new free-to-play fantasy game series for mobile devices.

In Heroes of Venturia, the first game in the series, you take on the role of a hero manager. The game is inspired by football manager gameplay and traditional tabletop role-playing games. It has a procedurally generated story engine that creates a story arc within quests while also generating interesting events and creatures. The AI driven engine is intelligent and remembers past events.

“We are passionate about role-playing games and this passion shows in everything we do. As our name Riimu (Rune or Runic in English) suggests, our team is all about fantasy worlds. The team has a strong background from Oulu Game LAB and one of our mentors is from Fingersoft, makers of the wildly popular Hill Climb Racing”, comments Timo Kähtävä, CEO of Riimu Games.

In Heroes of Venturia the player manages a growing group of unique heroes to send them on quests to gather loot and fame. The purpose is to build and improve the tavern while the heroes are questing for more resources.

Gameplay will introduce meaningful social features through which heroes can be shared among friends to help them on their quests. Rewards for sharing heroes will benefit both players.

Heroes of Venturia is targeted at mid-core gamers who enjoy easily accessible games with depth and detail. The game will be soft-launched for Android and iOS devices in select countries in December 2018.

The next chapter in the game series will be announced in 2019. It will share similar mechanics, and content can be shared between future games in the Venturia series.

Currently, Riimu Games is looking for a publisher for their first game or for the whole game series.

More info
https://youtu.be/sqeqD4el0n0 (alpha gameplay video)
http://bit.ly/riimugames-presskit (photos)

Riimu Games
Riimu Games is a newly-formed game company from Oulu, Finland. We strive to make games with a strong emphasis on delivering enjoyable content, flawless mechanics and amazing experiences. We want to put people first, emphasizing equality and an open atmosphere which makes working together easy. Lean philosophy and agile working techniques produce quick results. Last but not least, we want to give back to the awesome community of developers,students, entrepreneurs and many others who have helped us achieve our goals.