The creator of sports and games of the future, Valo Motion from Finland, will introduce a brand new interactive trampoline game. Trax gets its name from the new highly accurate tracking technology and choreographed tracks.

The viral phenomenon Valo Motion will present their suite of interactive games for trampolines and climbing walls at IAAPA Expo Europe. The trade show will be held between the 16th and 19th of September in Paris.

A brand new trampoline game Trax will feature new update to Valo Motion’s proprietary ValoVision technology. This new technology now allows the ValoJump platform to track the movement of the jumper’s hands and feet. With improved tracking precision, future ValoJump games will be more versatile by activating the whole body.

Playing Trax is like following a choreography designed for trampoline jumping. The game makes the player jump in specific sequences and strike different poses in the air. In that way it resembles popular dancing games, but instead of a dance choreography you follow a trampoline jumping choreography. As with dancing games, music plays a very big part in Trax.

This exciting new experience has so far been in test use in only a few locations in Europe, Asia and North America, but is now available at the expo. Trax will be globally available in Valo Motion’s partner locations in the coming weeks.

Super Stomp
Valo Motion is also bringing Super Stomp, the world’s first two player interactive game platform for trampolines, to IAAPA Expo Europe. With Super Stomp, two different players can jump on two separate trampolines, while appearing together in the same game. Super Stomp is a recent addition to the suite of Valo Motion products having been globally released in just February 2019.

Interactive wall climbing game platform, ValoClimb will also get an update to its visuals at the expo. Valo Motion will present a totally new and striking visual experience for ValoClimb game applications. Playing fan-favorite ValoClimb games such as Astromania or Augmented Problems will never be the same again with the new graphics. This new visual experience allows the climber – turned gamer – to immerse themselves even deeper into the world of ValoClimb.

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Valo Motion – the viral phenomenon
Valo Motion has grown from being a viral video sensation to being a successful growth company with over 200 partner locations globally. The company has become the powerhouse of the augmented reality fitness and family entertainment products which are already used in over 50 countries in activity parks, trampoline parks, fitness and climbing gyms and entertainment centers – even museums and malls.

Thousands of people all over the world enjoy Valo Motion’s wall climbing and trampoline game applications every day. ValoClimb and ValoJump game platforms appeal to athletes, gamers and anyone else looking for a fun new activity or an unconventional way to exercise.

Valo Motion has reached over 150 million viral video views of its climbing wall game platform ValoClimb. The video has been featured all over the world by hugely popular video channels such as Discovery Channel, MTV, Redbull, Motherboard, Buzzfeed, Unilad and has hit the front page of Reddit several times.