will launch its new gaming industry platform on March 1st and starts a completely new streaming talk show at the same time.

Devs Talk is a new gaming industry talk show hosted by The first show of the first season will be streamed on March 1st at The date is carefully picked to coincide with a National Futures Day in Finland. Great industry leading panelists will talk about the future of games and what are the key trends of the gaming industry in 2020-2030.

Devs Talk is a free monthly streaming show with new themes and guests each month. The show is produced in Helsinki, Finland at Studio.

The first show’s panelists are Adnan Selimovic (Founder of Data United and researcher in data science and user psychology), KooPee Hiltunen (Director of the Finnish game industry hub NeoGames), Natasha Bulatovic Trygg (Game developer, Entrepreneur, Academic & Teacher, Chairperson of IGDA Finland) and Vesa Raudasoja (Chairman of and Founder of The host of the show is Björn Lindholm (Game Dev Company).

The first show’s agenda on March 1st is the following:
10.00 EST / 15.00 GMT / 17.00 EET: Welcoming words
10.05 EST / 15.05 GMT / 17.05 EET: Panel Introduction
10.15 EST / 15.15 GMT / 17.15 EET: Panel Discussion
11.30 EST / 16.30 GMT / 18.30 EET: Q&A with the panel
12.15 EST / 17.15 GMT / 19.15 EET: End of the stream will be the primary resource and toolkit for anyone interested in the gaming industry. More info will follow on March 1st.

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