Musicinfo, a Finnish provider of digital music services, has developed a free China Search tool. It allows artists, music makers and record companies to easily check if their music is available in China’s largest streaming services.

The Chinese QQ Music and Netease 163 streaming services have hundreds of millions of users. In addition, China’s digital music market is currently growing at an annual rate of about 20 percent. Chinese streaming services offer a lot of music that its copyright holders don’t know. Access to information is hampered by the fact that many streaming services in China operate in Chinese and are also inaccessible to audience outside China. It is also often the case that information about the distribution agreements made by the music distributor doesn’t reach the music maker.

Piracy is not considered to be a probable reason for the fact that musicians don’t receive copyright payments from China. According to International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), 96 per cent of Chinese people are legally listening to their music. In the rest of the world, only 62 per cent listen to music legally.

Knowledge is great asset in the Chinese music market
Listening to music from streaming services is now very common. Therefore, it is good for music makers and publishers to know in which Chinese services their music can be heard. Given the growth pace of the digital music market in China and the amount of legal listening, it is important for music makers to take care of the financial rights of their music.

“We want artists to know where their music is available so they can get full compensation from the music listening,” says Kari Halttunen, CEO of Musicinfo.

When music copyright holders have checked the availability of their music in China, they can contact Musicinfo for more information on music distribution and copyrights in China. Musicinfo will ascertain the music publisher to the customer in an agreed manner, and tailor the plan for further action. These may include, for example, the distribution of music to Chinese music services and music promotion on local social media channels.

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