Finnish startup Jamifind from Helsinki wants to bring musicians together by encouraging them to practice and create music more actively. They are also helping music hobbyists to find the right teachers for them.

Jamifind Founders

After a year and a half of product development, the company is now offering a fully responsive website, where music enthusiasts can network with ease. In a nut shell, Jamifind is a combination of LinkedIn and for musicians. One can think of it as a musician’s business card or a CV.

“We wanted to develop a service that lowers the threshold for playing and making music together. We saw a demand for an intuitive, easy-to-use product that makes it possible for people to arrange a spontaneous jamming session for tomorrow, or to find a keyboard player for their band, or fulfill the sudden need for a cellist during their studio sessions. Our platform is intended for any level of musicians from occasional jammers to fully driven professionals. We also want to reach all the other industry players as lyricists, producers, sound engineers etc. The list is endless and the uses for this kind of app are vast. You just have to be active and creative”, says co-founder Ilkka Mäentakanen.

The Jamifind user creates a profile with a list of instruments and skill levels she or he plays on. Then user can list his or her musical influences, favorite genres and showcase proficiency with music, videos and photos. Then Jamifind’s innovative compatibility meter will show how well other users match search criteria.

Through the enclosed messenger users can start conversations and keep in contact with each other. With the Jamifind shout feature one can also promote local events or new music releases in real time.

In addition to bringing musicians together, Jamifind also offers a platform for music teachers to efficiently market their business and get more students.

“We’ve been really focusing on developing the user interface to meet modern standards. Users will save a lot of time and effort as they don’t have to scroll through every profile, since Jamifind will find the most interesting ones for them. The compatibility meter also helps to create better teacher-student-relationships.”

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Behind Jamifind are semi-professional musicians Ilkka Mäentakanen and Slobodan Stanic. The idea for developing the Jamifind platform came from the shared experience that the market is missing up-to-date service that brings musicians together while helping music hobbyists to find the right teachers for them. It was time to create something new.