The world’s largest game development event on January 29th-31st brings game makers all the way to the wilderness of Lapland. In the middle of the freezing wilderness of Finnish Lapland, game developers meet their ultimate challenge: 20 established game developers, 1 cabin. No running water, no steady supply of electricity or Internet. 48 hours. With the remedies of sauna, Finnish “sisu” and “avanto” (a hole in the ice), the goal is to create a game – and to survive the weekend.


Finland is most likely the most enthusiastic game jam country. Creating a complete game during a mere weekend is a challenge enough for most – but some want more. Previously in Finland games have been jammed for instance in a bus, in an observatory, in an amusement park, and in a science center. Games have been created with professional movie equipment and to solve quantum physics problems. The upcoming jam, named the Survival Mode, elevates the challenge to extreme.

The escapade is organized by Finnish Game Jam in collaboration with Lapland Safaris. The Survival Mode is lucky to have the support of Finnish game companies with some of their devoted employees on board for the adventure: Seriously, Kuuasema, Frogmind Games, Mindfield Games, Moido Games, and

The Survival Mode is not the only game development event during the weekend. It is the weekend of the Global Game Jam, the biggest game development event of the world. Games are created in hundreds of locations; in Finland alone as many as 22 events are organized around the country. Approximately 30 000 game creators from hobbyists to professionals will take part in game creation all over the world. The Survival Mode, however, is pure Finnish madness.

Finnish Game Jam is grateful for and proud of the continuous support of the game industry; in addition to the supporters of the Survival Mode and all the other local event sponsors, the Finnish Game Jam events are sponsored in 2016 by Meanfish, Viope, PlayRaven, and White Nights Helsinki.

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