Playmore Games, the Helsinki-based gaming company, has reached their funding goal for the Dized tabletop gaming application on Indiegogo. With half of the campaign still to go, it is already one of the most successful apps in in the history of Indiegogo.

Dized is an app for smart phones and tablets removing the tedious rulebooks from board games and allowing gamers to play right out of the box. These step-by-step visual and interactive tutorials are like a friend at the table who knows the rules inside out.

“Crowdfunding an app can be very challenging, and we’re ecstatic that we reached our goal in such a short time. This success demonstrates that the board gaming community is ready for a big revolution. Dized can make everyone’s gaming night a whole lot better,” explains Jouni Jussila the CEO of the company.

Dized Indiegogo campaign is still running and has over two weeks left with several stretch goals still to be unlocked. One of them is a giveaway that includes over 100 board games, plus a custom made board gaming table for one lucky winner.

“We did a massive giveaway at Gen Con in August where someone won almost 150 of the best board games in the world and a dragon throne. It turned out to be so popular that we decided to arrange a giveaway during our campaign as well,” Jussila continues.

New Munchkin title to be featured in Dized
Today the company also announces that Steve Jackson Games’ upcoming hit the Munchkin Collectible Card Game will be featured in the app alongside all the previously announced games.

”We’re thrilled to be working with Dized on our new Munchkin Game. Dized will walk all levels of players through this new game experience,” says Andrew Hackard, the line editor for Steve Jackson Games.

Munchkin is one of the best-known brands in board gaming and has sold millions of copies worldwide. Collectible card games are a popular format, and both casual and competitive gamers are looking forward to the new Munchkin title. Designed by renowned game creators Eric M. Lang and Kevin Wilson, with the classic humor of Munchkin, the game offers strategy, bluffing, and top-notch puns.


About Playmore Games
Founded in 2014 by enthusiastic players and game designers Jouni Jussila and Tomi Vainikka, Playmore Games’ goal is to show there is a better way to learn and enjoy board games together. While the board games industry is booming, a significant obstacle remains: learning rules is a slow and tedious process. Dized will offer smart interactive tutorials, setup guidance, a fast and handy rule-lookup tool and other exclusive features to make the board game experience all about fun.

About Steve Jackson Games
Steve Jackson Games, based in Austin, Texas, has been publishing games, game books, and magazines since 1980. Its best-selling game is Munchkin, with over 8 million copies of the games and supplements in print worldwide. Other top sellers are GURPS (the Generic Universal RolePlaying System), Zombie Dice, and Illuminati. Past hits have included Car Wars and Toon. Steve’s very first game, Ogre, originally released in 1977, drew almost a million dollars’ worth of Kickstarter support in 2012 for a super-deluxe edition, which was released in late 2013.