Free learning portal and networking service for game developers, founded in Finland, is expanding its operations by publishing its own mobile game together with Fingersoft’s publishing company Round Zero and the game studio Firetail Games.

William’s WoolSocks is a mobile game tapping on new game mechanics. The game’s worldwide release date is April 1st 2018 and it will be available at Apple App Store and Google Play. William’s WoolSocks game is taking its tragicomic core idea from a Finnish cult classic game Sakari’s Sweater game (Sakarin Villapaitapeli in Finnish). However, there are some irritatingly tempting new features added to the game.

William’s WoolSocks is simplistic yet stunningly fun mobile game. Its appeal and interest lies in simple playability that doesn’t keep the player guessing or leave them puzzled what is going on. Wool socks are just being worn over and over again – or then maybe not wear them at all. The freedom to choose lies in the player’s hands. This can reflect not only imagination, but moral values and the ability to understand the abstract in so many different ways, too. Or then not reflect anything at all!

William’s WoolSocks is not just a game, but a phenomenon and, in a way, a mindfulness experience. With this game one can experience liberating feelings and even reach catharsis due to the game’s simple mechanics as the player’s body will release endorphins after a successful clothing ritual.

”William’s WoolSocks game went through our evaluation process which the game passed with a high score,” comments Daniel Rantala, CEO of Fingersoft’s publishing company Round Zero. ”Our company has published many mobile games, but we haven’t seen this big figures of returning players or this lengthy average gaming sessions earlier. The game’s simple mechanics for wearing wool socks is easy to learn and keeps the players entertained for months. William’s WoolSocks game has all the possibilities to become the next big Finnish hit game.”

“The project has been both mentally and physically demanding,” says Kim Ordén, CEO of a game developer Firetail Games. “The hard work was worthwhile, and now after testing for more than a day, we have achieved globally significant game metrics.”

” set out to develop William’s WoolSocks game in the GameJam spirit to show that by working together, it’s easy to create something new,” commented Vesa Raudasoja, the founder of and a global big wig at the International Game Developer Association IGDA. “The Finnish game industry is very communal. It is being promoted by an active IGDA organization, whose monthly meetings gather developers together. Now we gathered a developer team together and here’s what we jammed for the April Fool’s day within tight deadlines.” – Graphics, Concept is a free learning portal and networking service for game developers, founded in Finland. The basic idea behind is to connect professionals in the game industry and to collect basic knowledge about the development of games easily accessible to everyone. will open its official website in June 2018.

Round Zero – Publishing
Round Zero is a Finnish mobile game publisher. The company is a subsidiary of Fingersoft Ltd., well-known from its Hill Climb Racing series. Round Zero releases externally developed gaming products. Round Zero’s main mission as a publisher is customer acquisition, monetization and game marketing.

Firetail Games – Production & Coding
Firetail Games Ltd. is a Finnish indie game developer that produces online multiplayer games for busy adults with the most creative (and crazy) concepts in the industry. In the company’s debut pc game Drunkenpants, the Finns solve everyday problems with excessive violence while being drunk in their underwear.

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