Finnish mobile game developers Critical Force have achieved the huge milestone of 25 million mobile soldiers in their Critical Ops army.

The Critical Ops troops include a daily count of 860.000 active soldiers on duty and 77.000 new recruits are added to the army every day!

”It is interesting to think that the amount of people who have downloaded the game is over four times larger than the total population of Finland. In addition, the amount of daily downloads of Critical Ops is more than twice the amount of residents of our home town of Kajaani”, comments the CEO of Critical Force Veli-Pekka Piirainen. “Reaching 25 million downloads is an important milestone for Critical Force, because it proves that Critical Ops has become a huge viral phenomenon. It also represents the fact that there is a massive demand for high quality competitive multiplayer FPS mobile games like Critical Ops.”

10.000 dollar tournament
Critical Force together with will host the biggest Critical Ops tournament yet with a huge 10.000 dollar prize pool. The new Critical Ops Championship Series Finals online tournament will be held on the 20th of August. Four teams qualified for the event earlier in the summer, and the teams are King Uprising, Imperial, GankStars and SetToDestroyX. will stream the matches live on YouTube, Mobcrush, Twitch and Facebook.

“Originally this tournament was supposed to be held in Los Angeles as a live event. Due to unforeseen circumstances the event had to be cancelled. We decided to arrange this online tournament with instead and spice it up with an unprecedented prize pool of 10.000 dollars”, comments the CEO of Critical Force Veli-Pekka Piirainen.

“We are providing Critical Ops tournaments and streams with professional casters and analysts on a regular basis, with high-end production that includes team and individual statistics, replays, post match discussions and lots of excitement”, comments the CEO of Antonio Meic. “Critical Force have a rough diamond on their hands with Critical Ops. Now they are polishing it even further by increasing their eSports tournament efforts with the biggest ever tournament prize pool.”

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