Marketing services

Marketing services
Visionist has worked a long time in technology, video games and music businesses and knows these industries well. Visionist understands the different ways of each businesses and the methods of efficient marketing. In order to get work done efficiently Visionist is able to find the right partners to work with and has a firm belief in strong collaboration.

Visionist knows the Finnish market and culture extremely well. All marketing goals and needs for localization can be easily adjusted to fit the needs of the industry, time and situation at hand. There are various marketing methods that can be used including product launches, events, advertising, digital marketing and competitions.

Visionist knows the Finnish sales channels as well. Marketing activities can be done for distributors, retailers and end-users.

Social Media
Visionist is also very active in social media. The main focus in that area is Facebook. Visionist is administrating various company or brand pages on Facebook. This includes setting up the pages, updating the info of the page as necessary, posting news on the page and answering questions through the Facebook message system. Visionist is also arranging competitions and other social media activations. Visionist can also handle paid advertising on Facebook.

Visionist is also capable of setting up events or take part in organizing an event. These can be, for example, conventions and trade fairs, gaming or music events, client gatherings as well as training sessions and other events. is online platform owned and run by Visionist. can be used to contact customers in an easy, simple and efficient way through various competitions. can also be used for various polls and queries. You can find more info here.

Visionist can also organize training sessions. In addition, Visionist can provide all kinds of training materials, such as PowerPoint presentations.