International press relations

World is getting smaller and more Finnish companies are reaching out global markets. Visionist can help companies communicate to international press, online services and social media.

Excellent products or services aren’t enough alone and interesting story is in the key role with all businesses. Story is even more important when doing international business, because markets don’t necessarily know the product, the company or even Finland in advance.

Visionist’s over 20 years of experience help to develop good and timely stories for companies. Visionist is also able to distribute the story and other news to international press either directly or through collaboration partners. Visionist has extensive international partner network.

Visionist has long experience of doing communication for gaming, music and tech startup companies. Visionist is not a PR agency that just translates the original press releases, but a partner that is genuinely interested in the products and knows the background of the business as well. Visionist is not afraid to express its own opinion or to refine the information. Visionist is seen and heard as an expert to international media.